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12 rules to dating my daughter

When she and Charles first met in January last year, Caroline was seven months pregnant with his second child, Lara.

Coleen was filming a documentary about Diana for the Dayton, Ohio, TV station WDTN and visited the Earl at his Althorp home for an interview.

Certainly there was never any suggestion of another man - let alone the brother of the late Princess of Wales.

In an exclusive interview from his modest home in the tiny town of Santa Cruz, Mr Sullivan said: "Before I met Charles, during two visits he made here, I checked him out on the internet -which gives you far more information than any police database, if you know where to look."Several things gave me cause for concern so the second time I met him, when we were alone together for two hours over coffee, I got it off my chest."I said to him, "Obviously you're a man of 42 and my daughter is 34 so there's nothing I can say that will stop you two from doing what you want to do.

However I do have a few questions"."I discussed these highly personal matters with Charles and I did tell him, "Don't mess with my daughter." After our talk, he told me he'd been quite nervous and hoped that he'd put my mind at rest.

I told him that I've been a cop for 36 years and I like to think I'm a good judge of character. I see that there is some of the goodness of Princess Diana in him.

"But I warned him he has never before met anyone quite like my daughter.

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"She initially told her station she was homesick for San Francisco even though she hadn't been there for years,' a friend says."She initiated the break-up of her engagement to Justin in early October and they have kept in contact since then.

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