19 year old dating older men

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19 year old dating older men

BUT don't let what they say - good or bad - define what it is that you have.

In fact, we AGREE with everyone else: YES, it is inappropriate. This is the last thing I planned on in my young life, believe me. I had been heart broken once, staying up till wee hours in the morning, crying my eyes sore before I could fell asleep..

If you believe in your relationship, you believe that you are making the right choice and doing the right thing for yourself, then approaching your parents will tough, but manageable.

They may not like it, but they are more concerned for their baby - you.

I told my parents about who I was seeing and that I am happier than I have ever been.

He treats me so well and is everything I ever wanted in a man. They think it is "creepy" and that they don't support me in my decision.

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If you are wishy-washy at all about itn then you may be in for a storm. Then whatever anyone says (including your parents) doesn't matter. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY what YOU think about what they think. You are worried about what's going to happen, you are dreading breaking the news... If they don't like it will it tear you apart inside?

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