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Will seems to be back to normal, if nervous and quiet—but he was always like that (see notable blush when he accepts a dance from an unnamed girl at the Snow Ball). Mike, who finally got a kiss from Jane, is ready to explore the joys of teenage "love." We've never seen Will interact with Jane outside of the Upside Down world, and his friendship with Mike anchored Season 2. We leave 13-year-olds Lucas and Max on the verge of awkward preteen dating.Lucas seems happy enough, but that fight between Max and her stepbrother, Billy, revealed an alarmingly violent streak—similar to that of her abusive step-father. Dustin is the only one of the friends who doesn’t get to dance at the Snow Ball, aside from the pity offer from Nancy. With Bob (Sean Astin) dead and out of the way, season 3 might finally introduce the Hopper and Joyce romance we’ve been hoping for.During a live broadcast of KIIS FM's controversial Naked Dating segment of was praised by a number of viewers for including transgender contestants for the first time on the programme – although the show has also faced criticism this time around, after one contestant was accused of fat-shaming another.

The fan theory, that he is, in fact, Hopper, is still in play.(Yes, finally #Justice For Barb.) Season 2 introduced a group of anarchist kids determined to murder employees of the lab, and we haven't seen the last of them.Ray, the Hawkins worker Kali terrorizes, confessed that Season 1’s Dr.We also know that at least 10 other Hawkins parents have had children kidnapped.One of those kids is Jane’s “sister,” Kali, who has the power to make people see things that aren’t real (meaning, perhaps, that any information we’ve learned so far could be an illusion). Here’s hoping Jane brings back that leather biker look, perhaps to lead an army of super children.

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