Adult chat line phone numbers in uk

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Adult chat line phone numbers in uk

These numbers aren’t premium rate, but will cost up to 45p per minute if you are on a pay as you go tariff.Landlines will be charged up to 12p per minute for dialling these digits.The calls used to cost up to 40p per minute from a mobile phone, but are now completely free.When you make a call to and 084 number you are charged in two parts, with an access charge defined by your provider (EE, BT etc.) and a service charge that is decided by the company you’re calling.However, the maximum you’ll pay from a mobile phone is 51p per minute, whilst landlines will pay up to 18p per minute.These aren’t considered as premium rate numbers, although they can be costly to dial in for long periods of time, depending on your network.Below you can find a list of premium rate numbers in the UK (and other well-known numbers), with an explanation of what they do and how much they can cost you…If you’re dialling a UK based landline, then you’ll be dialling a 01 or 02 number, depending on the location.

Over recent years premium rate numbers in the UK have been dropping in their use, thanks in part to a more knowledgeable general public, but also because of continued clamp downs on these kinds of numbers.They often vary in their price and can result in high monthly bills if dialled too frequently or for long periods of time.They’ve also built a bad reputation for illegal activity, which can have criminals either steal or hack a phone and then have it dial a premium rate number.Premium rate numbers are an extension of this frustration, not only charging you for making a call in the first place, but also putting on a wallet damaging minute by minute price throughout. We’re here to offer you all the information you could ever want about the charges you could face by dialling these digits.We’re not talking the odd couple of pence either, with some premium rate numbers costing you a good amount after a just a fleeting chat. Premium rate numbers are telephone numbers that charge an extra cost to dial from any kind of telephone – mobile or landline.

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