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While anthropologists agree that there are at least three races in the Pacific region, they have not agreed on where they came from or when the Pacific was settled.

Evidence now suggests that man may have ventured out into the Pacific over 30,000 years ago.

Instead of natural catastrophes and unknown invaders, the population of a previously largely unknown region, namely Western Asia Minor, now plays a key role in this cultural incision.

During the second millennium BCE, people speaking a Luwian language lived throughout Asia Minor.

Since archaeologists admit that nearby islands to New Zealand such as Tonga, Fiji and New Caledonia were colonized at least 3000 years ago, it seems that these same navigators would have reached New Zealand as well.

However, the Luwians in Asia Minor possessed a knowledge of writing at least five centuries before it became customary at Mycenaean courts.Prior to the publication of Darwins The Origin of the Species, it was generally believed (by Europeans anyway) that the races of man were descended from the sons of Noah, Shem, Japheth and Ham.Darker races were considered the sons of Ham, while lighter races, such as American Indians and Polynesians, were considered the sons of Shem. Blumenbacks book Natural Varieties of Mankind (1781) added a fifth race to his originally speculated four of Caucasian, Asiatic, American and Ethiopian.But the location of Hawaiiki is open to considerable interpretation.Most anthropologists who write about the Maori do not believe that Hawaiiki is the same as modern-day Hawaii.

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New discoveries in partially submerged caves in New Ireland, a long narrow island east of New Guinea, are proving that man reached these islands tens of thousands of years ago.

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