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I am not simply trying to scare you, I want you to be informed and aware, you should never be under the impression that vaping is a safe alternative to smoking, it is not.The only thing healthy for your lungs and health is clean fresh air. Yes, I make my living selling vape gear but if you can quit without vaping.. If you need support I'll even talk with you via email.VG is a thick filmy substance when you let it settle onto a surface. I tend to take "studies" with a grain of salt as they are often done with an agenda or backed by certain biased sources.

economy and how it has impacted our lives and the futures of our children -- and how the stock market and our IRAs were down yet another 2 percent yesterday. With all the things going on in the world -- and even with recent increases in food prices -- it is still pretty cheap to eat in America, and most of us will have plenty to put on our tables. In fact, we have a bigger problem with obesity than we do with hunger (even though part of the problem is that cheap food is often fattening ... What else do we have to be thankful for, even as the Occupy Wall Street crowd protests (quite understandably, in my opinion) the inequality of income, the increase in poverty and the dwindling of opportunity in this country?Compare this to our parents, born in 1920, who at birth could only expect to make it to age 56.Or our grandparents, born in 1890, who could only look forward to living for an average of 45 years (although a large part of the improvement is due to a decrease in infant mortality).And the proportion of our populace with college degrees has climbed from barely 10 percent to approximately 25 percent.To be sure, the improvement has leveled off in recent years, and the rates should be higher in this post-industrial world where education matters more than ever before. Our cars are safer and more efficient than they've ever been. Our choices for news and entertainment are more varied. Women have narrowed the income gap, and they've completely closed the education gap -- since 2000, and even before that, more women than men have been graduating from college.

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We can certainly be thankful that our life expectancy is longer than ever. And that death rates for the most dangerous diseases like heart disease, cancer and stroke are down significantly, even in just the last decade?

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