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If a man thinks he can date a 10, but no 10’s want him, then, evidently, he’s overestimated his sexual market value.

If a woman dates online and thinks she can date a man 10 years younger because she “looks good for her age”, but no men 10 years younger give her the time of day (apart from requests for NSA sex), then, well, she, too, has overestimated her sexual market value. Anyone who holds out for a 500K salary but finds that no one is willing to pay it will remain unemployed for a really, really long time.

There are exceptions, of course, but there are more 50-60-year-old men dating 5-10 years younger than women dating men 5-10 years younger.

Based on this, there is a perception that men have greater sexual market value than women.

But simply by observing the behaviors and desires of men and women. The premise of her post was to establish which gender, if any, had greater sexual market value – which is to say, more enduring appeal to the opposite sex over time.

The term market value seems crude, but it’s the best possible term because, like economic market forces of supply and demand, these are completely self-regulating.

You will never be hotter than you are at 22, so plan accordingly.

It’s important to recognize that some men display a motive for artificially elevating the SMV of aging males, so ignore any wisdom characterized as “red pill.” In my own coaching materials, I always suggested that a woman’s peak was 27-30 in terms of her desirability to the most men, and that a man’s peak was 35-39.

That means you’ll have more competition from younger women as you age.

It could indeed be making you look younger, especially if you’re already young-looking to start.

But that doesn’t mean you’re unhireable; it just means that it might hold you back here and there — just like all sorts of other things (like weight or looking tragically unhip or wearing an unflattering suit) hold people back here and there, too.

I’m going to stick with that premise, since I think Ok Cupid’s data skews young.

In other words, while a 22-year-old may be hot, most 41-year-old quality men would never actually date or marry one.

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But I doubt very much that it’s a major factor in your interview success in general, as long as you’re talking all the typically recommended steps to look older.

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