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It was also an official selection for the International Film Festival of Kerala.

Mohanachandran Nair (Kailash) is a Malayali youth working in Ahmadabad, Gujarat.

In the end, he feels that his being there would only bring trouble to those creatures living in that space.

And he decides to walk out, one doesn't know where to. Not only are several species on earth becoming endangered and extinct every day, the most significant casualty is humanity or the condition of 'being human'.

Humanity is the most endangered thing in our lives now; we are not only pushing all other life forms out of the earth, but, in the process, humaneness too, the ability to coexist with others, tolerance for others and all that make human life worth living.

This film is about a man who is driven away from place to place by human intolerance, violence and hatred.

On 28 February 2002, a day after the Godhra train burning, he is driven away from the city, after he makes a futile attempt to save a Muslim woman hunted by a group of Hindu fanatics.

He reappears in Kerala but without any marks of identity. In the new place, he is helped by a man called Beeran Ikka (Sreenivasan), who is a warm and gentle human being, whose only passion in life is music.

The film premiered at the 43rd International Film Festival of India on 27 November 2012.

In fact, the title draws not only from Basheer but also from the Red Indian Chief who told the American President that they are the real inheritors of the earth.

The film is actually dedicated to Basheer, the great musical genius M. Baburaj, and the vanishing habitats of Kerala." Chandran says, "To shoot this film, I really had to search all over Kerala to find a vast and bio-diverse compound with all our common flora and fauna.

Bhoomiyude Avakashikal is the third and last installment of T. The narratives of all these films begin on the same day, 28 February 2002, that is, on the day after the Godhra train burning in Gujarat.

Bhoomiyude Avakashikal tells the story of Mohanachandran Nair, who is driven away from Ahmadabad following the Gujarat riots and who eventually loses his job and even his identity and ultimately lands up in a secluded house in Kerala, in the company of insects and animals with whom he shares his thoughts, concerns, doubts and frustrations.

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"We've shot animals — including frogs, chameleons and millipedes — in their natural setting.

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