Bindingsource not updating

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Bindingsource not updating

Example of Pooling: Answer 6: The Sql Command carries the SQL statement that needs to be executed on the database.

Sql Command carries the command in the Command Text property and this property will be used when the Sql Command calls any of its execute methods. Data namespace defines classes that you can use with all the data providers or without data providers at all. See for more detail: Answer: Command Builder helps you to generate update, delete, and insert commands on a single database table for a data adapter.

Execute Non Query is useful for performing data manipulation on the database. You pass a Data Adapter as an argument of the Command Builder constructor.

This is different from the Select method of the Data Table, which returns a Data Row array from a table per particular filter and/or sort order and whose content reflects changes to the underlying table, but whose membership and ordering remain static. Original, null)); See for more detail: Answer 20: The Execute Non Query method is used to execute the command and return the number of rows affected. It represents a relationship between database tables and correlates tables on the basis of matching column.

The dynamic capabilities of the Data View make it ideal for data-binding applications. The Execute Non Query method cannot be used to return the result set. Example: Sql Connection obj=new Sql Connection(“Integrated Security=true; Initial Catalog=Table_Name; Data Source=.”);-- for Windows authentication Sql Connection obj=new Sql Connection(“user id= sa ; Password=sa123;server=.;database=name”); --Sql server Authentication Answer: ADO.

MARS (Multiple Active Result Sets) is implemented in ADO. This means that when you access data, such as viewing and updating data, it is real-time, with a connection being used all the time. The following table shows the Data Adapter classes with their data source. Figure 2 shows the relationship between the Command and Connection objects.

This is barring, of course, you programming special routines to pull all your data into temporary tables. Data provider connection classes Answer: A Data View enables you to create different views of the data stored in a Data Table, a capability that is often used in data binding applications.

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Data Set contains a collection of Data Tables and the Data Table contains a collection of Data Rows, Data Relations, and Data Columns. The previous Data Set contains a Data Table that maps to the Orders table because you filled it with a SELECT query executed on the Order table.