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Blender online dating australia

Abortion is legal on request in Tasmania up to 16 weeks of pregnancy.

After this time two doctors must approve the request.

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In all other states and territories access to an abortion is a crime for both doctors and patients unless strict criteria is met.

In Queensland, an abortion can be obtained up to 22 weeks into pregnancy if a doctor certifies that continuing the pregnancy would be a 'serious danger' to the woman's health, or if fetal defects mean a child would not live long after birth.

In 2010 a couple in Cairns were charged with procuring an illegal abortion after they imported the termination drug RU486 and used it to end the woman's eight week pregnancy. In 2006 Dr Suman Sood was found guilty of providing an illegal abortion to a woman in Sydney because she did not adequately determine that continuing the pregnancy would provided a serious danger to the woman's health.

In Western Australia the law allows women to access an abortion up to 20 weeks into pregnancy if a woman's health would be in danger by continuing the pregnancy or having a child.

Smoothies can be created in a few minutes – that includes everything from chucking the ingredients in the cup, blending and doing the washing up, with most models coming with additional sip-lids so you can drink them on-the-go.Queensland is the only state that sets strict age requirements on accessing abortion without parental consent.In Western Australia if a woman is under the age of 16 one of her parents must be notified unless the Children's Court rules otherwise.Doctors can also consider a woman's economic, social and personal situation.After 20 weeks, two doctors from a panel of six appointed by the government must approve the termination.

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The case ended up in court because if a child under 14 falls pregnant and is in need of an abortion in the state, they have to be deemed by the courts or a clinician to be competent of understanding the procedure.

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