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The results suggest that testosterone may well be safe for the general male population and perhaps even for those with prostate cancer, he says.According to the National Cancer Institute, 16 percent of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetimes.

She was married soon after graduating from Middlebury College, where she was the only Jewish student, and stayed with her husband for four years. If I had fooled around before marriage, I would have known not to marry him,” Forest told Lilith in March.

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If the thought of two nude octogenarians tangled up in the sheets doesn’t make you cringe, chances are you have reached a level of maturity when sex after a certain age seems like a pretty good idea.

“My friends who sit home with their old husbands or whatever, and watch television, they don’t want sex anymore. Forest feels as though she connects more with younger men and loves conversing with them but feels as though she’s too old to attract them.

“It’s rough and I would love to have sex,” said Forest, adding, “I’m not giving up hope.” Forest says she plans to go to meetups so that she can meet new people who share her interests.

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In some cases, the testosterone alone will fix the problem. For many years, the idea of testosterone supplementation has been controversial, as it has been thought that it could raise the risk of getting prostate cancer.