Cambodian sex slave story

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Cambodian sex slave story

Vann jokes that Loch has great strength because “she eats a lot.” Loch makes fun of Thy for taking photos of flowers instead of Manhattan skyscrapers.

They look for restaurants that serve familiar dishes—rice and fish—and they marvel at the enormous platters of food that arrive.

Loch, for her part, remembers seeing all the girls at the shelter and thinking she had been sold to another brothel.She remembers a home that looked fancy on the outside but ominous on the inside, a dark maze of bare chambers. Her name is Sreypich Loch, and she was a slave in a Cambodian brothel. Loch, now around 20 years old, managed to escape that world and works today to rescue other girls.She remembers the parade of men, one after the other, day by day, forcing her to have sex. If she refused sex, she says, she would be beaten, shocked with an electric cord, denied food and water. She helps grab them out of brothels, and she hosts a radio show in Phnom Penh, giving the girls a forum for their stories.Cambodia “does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking,” the State Department report says, but is making “significant efforts to do so.” Officials reportedly convicted 62 trafficking offenders this past year, an increase from 20 offenders the prior year.Years had gone by, Loch says, when a client took her out of the brothel to his own home.

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She believes it’s the personal narratives of the girls that make people stop and listen. At the same time, she says it’s difficult to be reminded every day of her life in captivity.