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He was pretty sure they wouldn't smoke while he was in the house, but when he wasn't and so for the following week he gave them opportunity to be alone in the basement. They did spend some time down there, and the camera was working as intended.But all he got was long discussions, some kissing, light petting and long moments where both of them were typing on their phones. Why spend hours texting to other people when you're sitting with your boyfriend.You're going to enjoy browsing our sex voyeur video collection as much as we enjoyed peeping on all the teens, women and men that were fucking without knowing that someone is discreetly looking and recording all that goes down.When you see all the sweet spots and locations where we spied on sex, you're going to think twice and look around the next time your girlfriend wants to get intimate.Remembering how he had felt with his girlfriends at eighteen, Bill felt some pity for Connor, Lucy's boyfriend. He hadn't noticed it the first time he had seen him months ago, but it was now obvious that Connor was built almost exactly like him.

The thing was that Bill didn't actually know what pot smoke smelled like. A couple of weeks ago he had decided that he had to know for sure and had bought the camera. Lucy and her boyfriend often spent evenings more or less alone in the basement whilst Bill was upstairs.

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Yet Bill smiled, thinking "Poor guy." Despite being her father, Bill was fully aware that Lucy was remarkably beautiful and sexy.

Bright green eyes, long reddish blonde hair waving way below her shoulders and a sprinkling of light freckles on her cheeks, she stood out in any crowd.

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He was glad to see that Lucy wasn't going any further than very light petting though.