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The clincher however would be the delightful cries the Chuzzles make as they go pop.

Conclusion Chuzzle, like most other games from Pop Cap Games is a true delight for a casual game.

The game mode includes twenty levels that have five puzzles each.

In addition to the dissimilar gameplay elements, Mind Bender does not incorporate a scoring system and provide hints of any kind.

Matching the Super Chuzzle causes a huge 3 x 3 square explosion.

Blow up several Super Chuzzles in a row and enjoy the chain reaction. Moving them will cause two rows (or two columns) to move together.

And there’s only one way to make these googly-eyed furballs happy: give ’em a pop!

cute little fuzzy furballs with such sweet innocent looking eyes.

There is no need to match them in a row, a cluster of same coloured Chuzzles is perfectly acceptable. This will cause a particular row and column to be locked down.

If you truly like it, what’s keeping you from getting yourself a copy of the full game right now?

Once you start popping the Chuzzles, and you’ll probably be busy with these cute little critters until the end of time.

Look at that, I’ve never seen anything like them; they’re like miniaturized pom-poms stuck in a 6 x 6 square grid.

They come in so many bright colors, and can you listen to that, they sound so adorable with their petite squeaks and squeals of delights.

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Break free from puzzle locks, and boost your score with colorful cascades and combos.

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