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The deluxe and expanded sets will also include the remastered album, as well as single mixes for "Over My Head", "Rhiannon", "Say You Love Me" and a previously unreleased version of "Blue Letter".

Meanwhile, the deluxe edition will include the original album pressed on 180-gram vinyl, plus a DVD featuring 5.1 surround sound and high resolution 24/96 stereo audio mixes of the record. The band has been around with various lineups since 1992.

Yeah, well it turns out there is some money laundering going on which our A list celebrity has been coordinating. I guarantee someone will be able to piece together some way that a percentage of the money taken as a fee for laundering is supporting terrorists or something akin to it.

It’s a strong dose of crunching Americana full of stomp and swagger, O’Neill sets the tone early, but this is no one-note outing.

O’Neill offsets the Nick Cave tinged malevolence of “Poisoning The Well” (“and you got that blood stained white T-shirt from when they took her from you, and I got those guilt ridden old sneakers, hanging on the line”) with the delirious psychedelia and tribal drumming of “1000 Years”.

Released in 1975, "Fleetwood Mac will notably feature a complete alternate version of the album made up entirely of previously unreleased outtakes and live recordings.

The live songs were recorded during concerts in 1976, and the deluxe edition will include 14 additional unreleased live tracks.

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Having spent much of his early years living nomadically in National Forests and on Indian reservations, and working seasons on isolated farms and ranches, O’Neill’s worldview and experiences are full of contradictions, and these can he heard on this gorgeously eclectic new LP.

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