Company of heroes validating problem

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Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.)so i thought my disc was dirty, i took it out washed it off and got the same result.I than took a disc doctor to it and still the same result.Hi, I've installed Company of Heroes Tales of Valor (v2.501), every thing works fine and the installation complete successfully, and Hi, I've installed Company of Heroes Tales of Valor (v2.501), every thing works fine and the installation complete successfully, and when I lunch the game it starts normally and load its files, and as in windows 7 it show a message say: "Please insert the Company of Heroes : Tales of Valor CD/DVD" with two buttons "Ok" & "Exit to Windows" and as normally I press Ok and it validate media and starts, but in windows 8 Release Preview after all that it gives a message " It means that the game doesnt support windows 8 yet.I think you'll have to wait until windows 8 officialy is released. Don't know if you're still checking this thread but if you do, listen to this: Yesterday, I reinstalled Co H (disc version) on my new Win 8 Pro 64-bit.

Now, some steps might not matter, but I'm gonna note'em all, just in case.You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest. Thats it I swear, this game is the *****est game ive ever had to install. The guy that implimented this **** needs to come to my house so I can kick him in the teeth1) Install Co H: OF2) Ignore the 'retail code' section.3) Start the game.Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. If you're not online, a DVD validation should take you to the main menu.4) Click on the American campaign which should be locked.10 Vacancies in Millington, TN Responsibilities: The purpose of the CY Program Assistant is to provide appropriate developmental care and instruction for children and youth ranging in age from weeks to 18 years in one or more CY programs.The duties of this position are developmental in nature and designed to provide experience to qualify for higher-level positions leading to the full performance position.

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The Co H 2 Collectors' Edition includes all 3 vanilla Co H games as well. Corday of the Internet Explorer forum site suggested that I put the DDS file and Attach files on this forum. I do have another computer with Vista, but I need the XP computer for work. I'm a real computer noob I don't know exactly what's going on but ill try to describe it, mostly I'm concerned about a keylogger though.

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