Crystalens hd accommodating lens

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Crystalens hd accommodating lens

Pupil and Iris measurements: These are taken with a pupil card, ruler or pupillometer to determine the eye’s pupil and iris size.This is done to help achieve a proper sizing and orientation of the contact lenses.Sometimes this abnormal growth becomes larger and advances onto the cornea. It typically results from a lifetime of sun exposure and can be located on the temporal or nasal side of the cornea.

Evaluation of the eye’s surface and contact lens fit: The health of the cornea is evaluated using a biomicroscope.Particularly if lazy eye is detected early in life and promptly treated, reduced vision can be avoided.But if left untreated, lazy eye can cause severe visual disability in the affected eye, including legal blindness.This condition can be very irritating so it’s best to schedule with Dr.Fezza, our “eyelid” plastic surgeon, who will decide if surgery is necessary.

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