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D2jsp validating

71a3ea07f2 Klick this link All of them are working phproxys, around 3000 #3 (Can´t login with phproxy) Only enable # Allow cookies to be stored # Allow images Turn off everything else Quoting will not work For fg sending just click through it till you are in the fg window.

Clicking the gold symbol won´t work #4 (I don´t get the phproxy thing) Well the proxy you can download is a script run it you need a webspace There are lots of free webspaces, just google for it You just register there and find out your ftp data Connect with a ftp program to this server (use filezilla for example) and upload your proxyscript Done smile #5 (Can´t find my routermenu) Thats different for each router Enter in your browser as url: Thats for like 90% true But you have to find out what router you have.

Select the character you wish to transfer to, then drag the item to the item box in the bottom right.

Click Transfer Item to transfer that item to the character you selected.

hey guys I see a lot of threads where people ask how to create multiaccounts or use them without getting instant banned or risking your original account gets banned So I will describe it how I do it, how njaguar detects you and how you avoid getting banned 1.) Basics - How does Njaguar detect you or why he bans you: Njaguar as the admin of d2jsp can look at everything based on your account If njaguar detects you as a multi account he will ban/disable your account or change email and password Here is a list of what he can see from you that is important to avoid getting banned with multiaccounts: - ip adress - cookies - cache - password - email adress - username - some other things that shouldn´t be important - posts - mac through java 2.) Hiding, changing, deleting Everything here is easy to change/delete/hide, you just have to be sure that everything has been changed Cookies/Cache: These are very simple to delete Use firefox: Extras-)Chronik Mark everything and delete it from the beginning Password: I made the experience that njaguar punishs an account that has the same password as a banned account.

The market can also be used to transfer items between your characters.To remove it from the market, drag it to your inventory window. To edit the price, drag it to the item box described above, set a new cost, then click Edit Item.You can only decrease the cost of an item, and the minimum cost is 1 gold.The cost you put the item up for is listed next to the item.You can remove the item from the market, directly delete the item, or edit the item price.

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jsp常用簡寫/縮寫 @ : at, 在 u : you; ur=your acc: account 帳號 [email protected]=遊戲帳號 [email protected]=j2dsp帳號 iso: in search of, 徵求 ft : for trade, 售出 p/c: price check, 估價 op : overpriced, 超過一般價格賣裝備 overpay: 高價收 lowball: 鳥價 highball: 高價 btw: by the way, 順道問/說一下 t4t: thx for trade, 謝謝交易 up : 推 bump: 推 很多沒列到xd 6.

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