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Dating an army officer

But one of the senator’s spokespeople told CNN: “As Sen.

Also Read: Al Franken Says He ' Crossed a Line,' ' Made Some Women Feel Badly' A rep for Franken did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Apart from conflicts, the army has conducted large peace time exercises like Operation Brasstacks and Exercise Shoorveer, and it has also been an active participant in numerous United Nations peacekeeping missions including those in: Cyprus, Lebanon, Congo, Angola, Cambodia, Vietnam, Namibia, El Salvador, Liberia, Mozambique and Somalia.

The Indian Army has a regimental system, but is operationally and geographically divided into seven commands, with the basic field formation being a division.

Franken has promised his full cooperation with the panel.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal, women and men alike have been more vocal about speaking out against unwanted sexual advances and contact.

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Two officers have been conferred with the rank of field marshal, a five-star rank, which is a ceremonial position of great honour.

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