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Has anyone had any luck on these BDSM dating sites ?

I signed up for a free membership on one of them awile back and it seemed like it was mostly men and was way to extreme for me.

But here's the thing: More often than not, low libido is the consequence of mostly preventable sexual health problems—and that means you have a good chance to right the issue before it gets any worse. D., about what could potentially stall your sex drive—and how you can get back on track in the sack.

D., a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of sexual disorders, and psychiatrist Gary Martz, M.

If you’re in a rough patch with your partner, it could be the reason your sex drive has taken a nose dive.

Yoga has been known to increase sexual interest and enhance sexual pleasure.

If you sense a wall, identify what’s bothering you and talk to your partner about it, or seek professional help. Avoiding the conversation might make your partner feel rejected or even suspicious you’re being unfaithful.

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This can be reversed by avoiding pornography and sticking to a healthier masturbation pattern.

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