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Dating drug addict recovering

S and 150,000 end up in the hospital, and alcohol is legal?its all about the money, same for the tobacco companies(I really haven't seen a tobacco commercial in a while) tobacco kills 500,000 people each year(nicotine is the most addictive drug)i have been reading through all these comments and there making me feel a lot better, iv been smoking weed since i was around 13, im 15 now, 16 in 4 months and i have suddenly been having these weird thoughts that i am going to starve, i dont usually smoke it in joints, mostly lungs ect. can you give me a few suggestions on how i can help myself? It's possible that you were smoking either very potent doses of THC or a joint mixed with some other kind of chemical compound.Please do some research on the benefits because it is a completely safe way for me to deal with pain without using all those chemically engineered pills. I agree with joe pa bkus 3 days ago I was feeling lazy bkus I smoked bt now I feel okay nd way more active so mabe its just that temporary feeling we get wen we smoke a lot bt wen we stop we're bak to normal.I have heard, just from a friend (who heard it from an article in their anti-drug high school group 10 years ago), that marijuana (he said when smoked more than once-a-week) affects your serotonin levels long-term/permanantly.I wish that I could provide some comforting news for you, but the truth is that it's not really clear WHAT is going on: and that there could be co-occuring issues that require a mental health [email protected] curious teen was the first writer that detailed method of administration, certainly a joint yields some THC vapor but destroys much more through hurried combustion.Hopefully besides the abstinence idea we can learn more about how to use the way the user thinks, while they are on that drug, if you control your thinking, you won't have a bad trip, you just have to realize when your on shrooms or marijuana, you have to realize the effects and predict what is going to happen, you shouldn't be paranoid, or freak out, just go with it, thats how I took my first bong hit.

I go multiple days without using and the only reason I use again is for pain management, not because its *addicting*.

I get bad anxiety and panic attacks that i've learnt how to calm myself down from, with breathing and sometimes walking, I tell myself it will pass with time as its obviously withdrawal symptoms, but lately i've been thinking of trying st johns wart, as something of a stabilizer to support through this rough period of time.

anything that you might have to say regarding my situation or advice i'd be grateful to hear, like if there's something i should consider that i'm not seeing or whatever..

i noticed this 2 days ago when i was high, i started getting very paranoid and didnt want to be in public, i stayed at my friends house that night because i was freaking out, the next day i was smoking it because i was at this party, i only had a about a joint, but then the paranoia started to come back and i didnt want to be around the people i was with, i was shaking like mad thinking i was eventually going to starve myself, the last time i smoked it was yesterday day, this has scared me so much that i dont even want to smoke it again, i have stopped shaking but im still very curious on what this is, is it all in my head? While cases of hallucination on marijuana are rare, they do occur.

The uncomfortable thinking patterns that you fear you may be developing can also be a way that your subconscious mind is communicating to you: in other words, it might be time to stop or significantly cut back.

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Although this is only a theory, neuro-biological relationships between marijuana use and the brain have already shown that weed can affect: Memory deficits – Persistent deficits in short term memory and information retention have been noted in chronic, heavy marijuana smokers (daily users) after 6 to 12 weeks of abstinence. Do you have any advice how to stop it, beside having prof. I stopped with support from friends and I joined a 12 step group. I can refer you to services and resources near you. Maybe you could describe your personal experience through resolving the adiction problem.