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I was lying on the table in my sports bra, stomach exposed. The professor told me to get up and proceeded to smack me outer thigh but a little too high and near the hips/ butt area.

My partner asks for help finding pec major from the professor. I think he noticed my flushed face because he looked a little flustered and said sorry.

If you like what he's been doing then let him continue to push boundaries until you're in his bed, but try not to be surprised if you end up heartbroken.

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he might do these things to find out how far he can go. yes physical therapy requires contact, the professor, let's call him John, often uses me over other students to demonstrate a technique to the class and has to touch me. (I find it a little odd that he does use me all the time when there's other students too but whatever....) It's the extra touching that has nothing to do with physical therapy that I'm talking about. And he really doesn't seem like the type that would cross the line, but again I'm a bit naive when it comes to this kind of stuff and of course the semester just started and it's a long road ahead. he's trying to demonstrate how to palpate pec minor. He actually went under my shirt to feel for pec minor (right between the armpit and breast area).

Sometimes, even if a MM has never cheated (rare, and in this case.. he might feel 'excited/attracted' to a woman who show some kind of interest in him.. And you'd be surprised at how often students can't properly palpate the anterior iliac crest and the anterior iliac spine, I'm fit and it's obvious on me. I'm definitely not trying to send out vibes that say "I'm interested." Do I find him attractive? Thanks for the input, keep it coming and hopefully I won't be adding any new occasions. I'm thinking he could have done that over my t-shirt. First off, I wouldn't assume he's cheated in the past, like some on here have.

So the professor comes by and finds the landmark and shows my partner how to do it.

If you are unconfortable with this contact, let someone know, keep quiet about it and then if it happens again, go to your Dean, ombudsman or student rep.

Profs having been doing this for centuries, my college gf was hit on by one of her profs. If he get anywhere near your genitals or breasts, you'll know for sure.

Second occasion: The professor was showing my partner how to find C6 on my spine.

I was sitting with my legs off the table, he was standing in front of me but insanely close. Third occasion: We were doing some muscle palpation.

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Now, him finding you attractive is ok, as long as it's not acted on. Now, if he is, like some say, 'testing your boundaries', then you need to insert firm facial expressions when he does something you don't appreciate or think is appropriate. I stripped down to my tank top, didn't feel comfy in just my sports bra, and I don't really know why it would have been necessary anyway.

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