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Dating msn search

By the time the first Indianapolis 500 race was held on May 30, 1911, it wasn’t a hotly contested or unusual event.And, ironically, it turned out that the movement of Memorial Day away from its Civil War origins would help the holiday endure for decades to come.

headline asked “Is Memorial Day To Be Desecrated By Holiday Sports” in 1883. Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church despaired at the “shame” brought on when as a nation “we so forget ourselves as to make Decoration Day a day for hilarious, madcap fun, without thought of the boys, old now and weak, whose hearts are bleeding and torn afresh with memories.” The New York wrote that same year of people who criticized that the day was “desecrated” by “thoughtless hilarity and sports and pastimes” (though the paper noted that the holiday’s “real function” to “stimulate patriotism” was not mutually exclusive with “patriotic joy”).When TIME commented in 1972 that the holiday had become “a three-day nationwide hootenanny that seems to have lost much of its original purpose,” the magazine was already comparatively late to bemoaning Memorial Day’s party reputation.That’s not surprising considering that the day began as a way to remember the staggering 620,000 people who were killed during the Civil War, and is now best known as a time for going to the beach or do some shopping.What’s perhaps more surprising is that this tug-of-war between solemn remembrance and summertime fun is almost as old as the holiday itself.The original vision for the day, as expressed by Union General John A.

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