Dating site zimbabwe 2016

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Dating site zimbabwe 2016

Mawarire, a pastor by profession, said his #This Flag campaign has already achieved a lot.

The hashtag went viral in April after he shot an amateur video of himself airing out his frustrations with President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF government.

"We have cash shortages in Zimbabwe currently because the government has been overspending over the years," Mawarire noted.

"Now, they have gone and taken our money from our bank accounts to use for themselves, and that's wrong." Last Friday, there were skirmishes at the Beitbridge border post between South Africa and Zimbabwe over new legislation which restricts the influx of imported goods into Zimbabwe.

Since then, Mawarire says more and more Zimbabweans are speaking out against their government.

Zimbabwean economist Liesl Louw-Vaudran told DW that she sees little chance of the military turning against the ruling party in the short term, even if their salaries are not paid on time.

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"We know the regime will fall by 2018 [election year]." The Zimbabwean government, however, blames the unrest on outside forces.

State Security Minister Kembo Mohandi was quoted by local daily Times Live as saying the way the operations [protests] had been organized was unlike Zimbabweans.

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Activities in Zimbabwe's main cities of Harare and Bulawayo virtually came to a standstill on Wednesday as most people stayed away.