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But thank goodness we’ve managed to stay together — of Paul’s seven closest friends, three are divorcing as a result of the recession and all the problems it brings.

It makes you feel incredibly vulnerable.’ Forty-year-old PR consultant Emma Woods, who lives in Amersham, Bucks, is facing a similar crisis.

Usually women will prioritise the children and the home, whereas men are much more likely to spend money on themselves, gadgets or sport.

A great deal of the tension comes from these differing priorities.’Self-employed beautician Vicky Morton, 24, agrees.

I snap at him when it isn’t his fault, and it is rather a symptom of the worry than a problem in our relationship.’‘Many marriages will crumble under the pressure,’ she warns.

‘Money is the main topic of controversy within a marriage, alongside sex or the lack of it.

Paul Adhoch heads the United Nations aid agency Trace Kenya, which battles the trafficking of children.

He believes sex tourists in Kenya are creating a crisis."They are not relaxing at some beach or enjoying the wildlife," Mr Adhoch told the ABC's 7.30 program."They are, specifically, deep in the communities, in poverty stricken areas looking for sex — nothing else."The port city of Mombasa has been a centre of trade for hundreds of years and is now a hotspot for underage prostitution.

We did not envisage Stephen losing his job and when he did, it was as if his world had ended.

I feel constantly under pressure from all sides.‘The tensions between us are growing even worse as we approach Christmas.

I would love to splash out on lovely presents for the family, but we just do not have the money.

He was paid a year’s salary, but we perhaps foolishly used that to pay off a part of the mortgage.

‘Then, instead of looking for work, he sat at home and in the evenings went out to the pub and began to drink heavily.

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We know that we have to pull together on this but you can’t help feeling resentful and apportioning blame.’ Professor Pahl says: ‘The complication in a marriage is that a family is not a single financial unit.