Dating websites santiago chile map

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Dating websites santiago chile map

Solís and a small party sailed up the Plata, which he called the Mar Dulce (“Freshwater Sea”), and made landfall.

Mendoza, discouraged by Indian attacks and mortally ill, sailed for Spain in 1537; he died on the way.The population of the area now called Argentina may have totaled 300,000 before the arrival of the Europeans.Some of the indigenous peoples were nomadic hunters and fishers, such as those in the Chaco, the Tehuelche of Patagonia, and the Querandí and Puelche (Guennakin) of the Pampas, but others, such as the Diaguita of the Northwest, developed sedentary agriculture.In the next half century Asunción played a major part in the conquest and settlement of northern Argentina.The main population of Argentina was concentrated there until the late 18th century.

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(soap operas) made in Argentina and other Latin American countries are particularly popular, and many locally produced serials are exported throughout the region.

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