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Datingtampabay com

We celebrated our five year anniversary of Dotabuff.

We endured the post-TI blues until the Dueling Fates update.

Broodmother has always been a very situational hero.

In the professional scene, there was a period when she was an automatic ban against certain teams and a very strong finishing pick.

We've written about how to cope with losing streaks, how to improve your warding, and how to stop last picking jungle heroes in pubs. 7.07 seems to have empowered carries more than ever, with classic hard carries, such as Anti-Mage, Morphling, and Medusa resurfacing.

While fan favorites like Invoker and Sniper have taken turns at the top, Pudge is the most played hero in Dota 2 of all time.

With Shrines pushed back further into the jungle, teams can’t play as aggressively into the enemy jungle as before.

In the last part of our Top Tier series, we take a look at the carry position and heroes that continue to excel in 7.07, both in pub and pro play.

For that reason, this role is often under- and even over-appreciated: it is hard to quantify a supports impact and quite frequently players don’t realise how much their support has done for their team.

However, almost as frequently, support players think too highly of their contribution.

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Gone are the days when the mid lane was the target of first round picks and bans.

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