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The Homes & Communities Agency has since indicated an interest in using the bund material on a nearby housing development.

Not all will be outdoors, we will be adding known places wherever they are.

The Delapré Abbey Preservation Trust manages the buildings.

The body of Queen Eleanor, wife of Edward I, rested at the Abbey on its journey from Lincoln to London. The cross was begun in 1291 by John of Battle; he worked with William of Ireland to carve the statues.

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In November 2006, NBC's planning committee approved an application to remove the bunding but successive administrations have to date not provided funds to perform the work - despite public concerns over the flooding.

During the 19th century, other typical Victorian features were added, such as the rock and water gardens, and garden conservatories for peaches and grapes; a ha-ha was also constructed. {{cquote|The present Delapré Abbey, standing in a fine park, has undergone so many alterations that it is not possible to give a connected history of its development, but it retains quite a considerable amount of ancient work.|L. Salzman (ed.), 1937 Following the success of a Heritage Lottery Fund application in 2013, a £6.3 million restoration project began in 2016.

The Delapre Abbey Preservation Trust will manage the Abbey, which will be open to the public for the first time in 900 years in 2017.

Its expansive sloping grounds are a nationally-protected Wars of the Roses (Cousins' Feud) as a one-time site of the advance of the Yorkists during the Battle of Northampton (1460).

Edward I added to Delapré the churches of Wollaston and Filgrave — a total of five Northamptonshire well-endowed churches — and gave Delapré the right to nominate the priest (advowson) at Fyfield, Hampshire.

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The Cluniac congregation was initially a reform movement of Benedictine life.