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Some people nowadays seem to think that ancient Egyptian women lived in an almost ideal world of equality. They may have had more rights and independence than women in other ancient societies, but they were not treated as equals by men.Throughout history they had little direct influence on public affairs.

Most matches were probably made between people who grew up together, or through arrangements made by the families, a state of affairs not highly conducive to romantic love.Their choice of profession was limited mostly to that of mistress of the house, though some became priestesses, others entertainers and a small handful even came to rule the country, be it as regent or as pharaoh.But the life of the ordinary ancient Egyptian woman was restricted to doing household chores , though one should not forget that the options the average ancient Egyptian man had were barely more numerous.In a society where mobility was low and most of the population lived in small villages, the choice of partners was limited.There were of course occasions attracting crowds like seasonal pilgrimages to important temples, regional market days or public holidays, when one might meet attractive strangers.

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While preparing food and drink was generally the wife's task , the husband was responsible for slaughtering animals and often also for cooking the meat.