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Modern technology served as a catalyst to renewed controversy when the Shroud was first photographed, during a rare exhibition in 1898.Black-and-white photography had the fortuitous effect of considerably heightening the contrast of the image, thus bringing out details not readily discernible to the naked eye.I was reading up on Hyperion, Saturn’s moon, and one of the least dense objects in the solar system, and it hit me – what is the critical point for gravity to attract a human?In other words, if you were to make a big pile of rocks in space, at what mass would they drag a human towards them?I figure 12.5 mph is about the fastest that most people can muster in a pinch, so Deimos is about the smallest object that can hold people down, at about 8 miles across (8 miles on , due to lumpiness).It’s worth mentioning that “running” on something as small as Deimos is impossible.

The most important thing for a liquid core is a supply of radioactive material.

The object needs to be bigger than you, or (most people would say) you’d be attracting it.

No matter how small an object is, if it has mass, it has gravity.

With a gravitational pull of about 0.04% of Earth’s, the difference between Deimos’ gravity and zero gravity is academic.

You could easily pogo-stick on your pinky, and it would take so long to fall that you might lose track of which direction is down while waiting for the ground.

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