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I wouldn't be the first person to have a child for that reason. This was a consultation with a view to undergoing a frozen embryo cycle.'Your ex-partner had the tests you paid for and she comes back after the tests and says, 'good news the tests have come back normal.'The father insisted: 'It was no joyous moment. Throughout all that period, despite the unhappy relationship, you were still trying to conceive a child.'You were not married to your ex-partner, but you were being treated together and you intended to become the legal father of any resulting children.'Despite such discord that you could hardly speak to each other, you paid for the consultation.'You knew all the background.At that time it was unbelievably difficult for both of us.'He said that he had attended appointments and signed documents, prior to the final 'permission to thaw' form he says was forged, in order to keep the peace between them. You knew how much she wanted another child.'You can change or withdraw your consent at any time, except when the sperm or embryos have already been used.'It is the responsibility of the couple once a year to inform the senior embryologist if there is any change in their personal circumstances.'You never varied or withdrew that consent until January 2012.And he told the judge: 'The HFEA has completely sidestepped its obligations here'.

I'm truly amazed by what you have done.'Denying that the fertility clinic were not told the couple had split until 18 months after the baby was born, he told the judge: 'I phoned the clinic on February 15 2011 to reveal all. I was in a terrible state.'My response was, 'Oh my God, how could this happen?The 10-day High Court case, with six barristers in attendance including two QCs, continues. i have no baggage and don't want anyone that does have any.' I'd never agreed to get her pregnant.'My head was exploding. ', he asked Mr Justice Jay.'I was in a new relationship with a woman I loved very dearly.I thought: "Oh my God, this is going to destroy this relationship."'It turned my head upside down. It was just so overwhelming.'Jeremy Hyam QC, for the clinic, cross-examining, challenged his claim that he knew nothing and didn't want a new baby.'It's right you wanted to have another child..joint decision was that you and she wanted to have another baby,' he said.

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