Egypt online free dating chat room

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Egypt online free dating chat room

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Also known as Khufu Pyramid, it stands at 479 feet (146 metres) high and was the world's tallest man-made structure for nearly 4,000 years.

Scan Pyramids is among the most ambitious of the projects to demystify the Khufu Pyramid near Cairo, which was completed in about 2560 BC.

The results are then compared with infrared and 3D images.

The other tomb is Seshem Nefer 4, which dates to the Sixth Dynasty, around 2340 B. This grave includes images of the cemetery owner with his family, bulls being slaughtered and birds and animals being hunted.Archaeologists in Egypt have reopened a 'cursed tomb' containing the remains of the people who built the Great Pyramid of Giza to visitors.It is the first time it has been opened to the public since its discovery almost 30 years ago.Researchers are also using muography which looks for charged particles to help date artefacts.A team of experts then set up the Scan Pyramid's project to use muons, tiny subatomic particle that are typically produced by cosmic rays smash into atoms on Earth, to peer through the Pyramid's huge stone blocks, some of which weight up to 15 tons.

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