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Egypt view adult cam

In the Bible, it’s all about letting the the Children of Israel out of slavery.

It is miraculous that the Quran tells us this specific bit of information about the Egyptian faith that could not have been known at that time.

Have you ever wondered why this much detail was given to us in the Quran?

There are several verses in the Quran that show the King of Egypt (Pharaoh) during the time of Moses, actually thought he was a god.

He and his people literally believed he was divine and should be worshiped.

But it turned green after a few years of being out in the open.

So Dhul Qarnain built his wall using iron blocks, heated them up until they became one solid wall, and then poured molten copper over it to keep it from rusting.

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He (Pharaoh) said, “If you take a god other than me, I will surely place you among those imprisoned.” Chapter 26 Verse 29 And Pharaoh said, “O eminent ones, I have not known you to have a god other than me.