Either or questions dating sites

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Either or questions dating sites

If you are just playing with your crush, it will give her a hint that you are interested.To get started on ideas, try out these 40 flirty would you rather questions to ask a girl.1.Would you rather cuddle under the stars or cuddle under a blanket?Basically, would she like to have a romantic evening out on the town, or would she rather curl up at home with you.This is less of a flirty question and more of a way for you to figure out what type of dates she would like to go on with you someday.A bike ride along the beach would be super romantic, but a long walk or hike through the forest could also be a perfect date.Would you rather kiss me on the cheek or kiss me on the forehead?If you are asking your crush this, and wait for the answer.

Would you rather go to a photo booth or take silly selfies?This is a flirty question that will hint about your feelings without blatantly telling her that you like her.From here, you can either scale up or down your questions based on how your crush responds.7.Whatever she says, wink and tell her that she should do it.If that does not give her a hint that she likes you, nothing will.13.

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A fireworks show could be very romantic, but she might be interested in musicals and the arts.

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