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At their youngest, they received phones when they were 8; at the other end, one teen's parents made her wait until she was 16 before she got a phone.Besides owning smartphones, most teens we talked to spent time in front of television sets and gaming consoles (Play Station 4 and Wii were popular answers) as well. On average, they said they spent 11 hours in front of screens every day — answers ranged from two hours to 18 hours, which sounds as if it would be literally every waking moment (and maybe it is).

Too often when writing about what teenagers like, we neglect to talk to the most important group of all: teens.So we decided to put together a State of the Union on the American teenager.To learn what American teenagers in 2016 really like, and what they don't, we polled about 60 of them from across the US.You might not expect Twitter to be among teens' favorite apps.After all, the company is having a hard time attracting new users.

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Every teen we spoke with owned a smartphone, and most owned or regularly used a variety of devices, like gaming consoles, tablets, and desktop computers.

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