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"We just don't put ourselves out there as much as extraverts; and even when we do, we aren't as quick to make friends of strangers," writes author Sophia Dumbing in her book Introverts in Love.

But she argues that once introverts get past that hurdle, they actually have some advantages over introverts—like the desire to make deep one-on-one connections.

In a way it's leveled the playing field."Not all introverts are depressed and not all depressed people are introverts, but there is a connection.

"There are certain characteristics of introverts that line up with depression," says Helgoe.

These types of preferences may affect where people will be happiest, says Oishi, which could in turn have an affect on mental or even physical health.

That doesn't mean all introverts should move to the mountains, he says.

"I've learned that it's easier for me to stay committed to my own running, which gives me time to myself in my own space.

Online dating has been a huge help for introverts, she adds, "because often we can skip the small talk and start those conversations at a more real level.In fact, says Helgoe, even introverts can get a mood boost by acting like extroverts for short periods of time."I don't think the answer is always that introverts need to get out there and socialize," she says, "but I do think we should be aware that sometimes we are so protective of our comfort zones, we don't take advantage of opportunities we might really enjoy."Introverts tend to prefer living in the mountains, which are seen as calming and peaceful, while extraverts would rather live in open, flat regions, like near the ocean, which they perceive as more sociable and stimulating according, to a 2015 study by Shigehiro Oishi, Ph D, professor of psychology at the University of Virginia.Extraverts may have stronger immune systems than introverts, according to a 2014 joint study from the University of Nottingham and the University of California, Los Angeles.Extraverts tended to have increased expression of pro-inflammatory genes associated with the body's immune response, while people who scored high in "conscientiousness" had reduced expression of these genes.

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