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I could tell from her voice that she was struggling to keep it together. But it’s a job, a bloody well paid one and you said this was going to be the last time didn’t you? I can’t do this any more, it’s affecting me and Joe.

God if he ever found out about this.” “Hello ladies! “Come on Suze, remember to act like you’re enjoying it and try and say the right things.

She wasn’t having an affair, she was doing this to try and make money so we could continue to live as we had been. A million questions raced through my mind but I knew that I had already forgiven her and now my concern was for her safety.

I couldn’t go get her, as she would never be able to live with herself knowing that I knew what she had been doing, so my only option was to watch her to make sure that she was okay.

The night of the event came along and I could sense that she was almost dreading going out to it, of course now I know why, but at the time it all seemed very odd, I put it down to first time nerves and a lack of confidence. Looking back I can see it was then that things started to go sour between us.

She lost her interest in sex, and she seemed to be more and more depressed.

Initially Susan was enthusiastic, especially when Kelly told her how much she could make, but after one night when she went with Kelly to an event she decided that it wasn’t for her.In the months that followed she helped Kelly at three more events and earned another £3000, but sank deeper into the gloom that had enveloped her.I eventually came to the conclusion that she was having an affair, stupid I know, but how could I have guessed that the problem really was that she was working as a high-class call girl.I couldn’t draw her on what the problem was so I left it at that.A couple of months after that first event, Susan told me she was going to help Kelly with her next party, she seemed hesitant and again I asked her what the problem was, and again she was non-committal.

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Suddenly the kitchen door opened, flooding light onto the rear lawn.

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