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Though free speech is a cherished basic right, it is not always ultimate.

As Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes has observed, free speech has limits when it presents a “clear and present danger.” Consider the clear and present danger for a young girl whose own missing child photo is used by her trafficker in a Backpage ad offering her for sex.

And the thing that sets them apart from most protesters is that some of them are willing to be violent.

PJ: Like, when the shooting in um, Texas happened this month, there were–there were people on the- not Breitbart, but like Mike Cernovich, and like Gamergate-y, like alt-right Internet, were like “The shooter was Antifa.

A passenger plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Today another reality is hidden in plain view: human trafficking. Those caring for victims have been listening to stories for years and have started to spot trends. The Internet makes it easy for johns to order up a child as easily as a pizza. Backpage is a profoundly lucrative sex-ad business.

The online classified ad company “Backpage,” however, has become the Walmart of sex trafficking and prostitution. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) told a recent Senate subcommittee that 71 percent of all suspected child sex trafficking cases have a link to Backpage. As of 2014, Backpage had an EBITDA margin (measure of profitability) of 82 percent, compared with a 9.3 percent average for similar online service companies. Backpage has been accused by several advocacy groups—including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), Shared Hope, and Polaris—of actively assisting pimps by editing ads to avoid detection from law enforcement while increasing their customer base. On March 17, the Senate held Backpage in contempt for refusing to comply with their subpoena. Denying they are co-conspirators, Backpage maintains they merely provide a forum for free speech in the form of advertising.

“That poster had the child’s real name on it, real age, real picture, and date she went missing,” Senator Portman said on the Senate floor.

“The other pictures in the ad included topless photos.” Can you imagine her parents upon seeing that ad?

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ALEX GOLDMAN: Antifa is basically a loose coalition of groups around the country that tend to show up at protests wearing all black, sometimes holding shields, often covering their faces with masks or bandanas.

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