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After this, for the next two years, every night at 3am, I would be awoken by the Holy Spirit and be taken to Heaven where I would spend time with the Lord and He would tell me various things about what would happen in my life in the future, as well as about the relationship that he had planned for Dayo and I.One of the key things that Jesus told me during one of my visits was that He himself would bind Dayo and I together with cords of love that cannot be broken and that we will be joined together when we are made of the same material.He then said he had something to tell me, something that he had wanted to tell me face to face.I urged him to go on and that’s when he finally told me that he was a Muslim!He Was The Answer to My Prayers We eventually started speaking, and when I asked why he had decided to contact me after so long, I learned that for some reason, after such a long time, he just felt an inexplicable urge to send me a message on the morning that had turned out to be my last day of prayer and fasting. Until the night after our second date, when we were speaking on the phone and I asked him which church he attended.

I also wrote down the date and time that it happened and told my family about the visitation. I had no clue when Dayo’s salvation would take place or when our wedding would be but I trusted in the Lord and even bought my wedding dress and started making wedding plans.I was so afraid and I could feel a strange sensation surging through my body that would cause me to shake, like my whole body was vibrating and shock waves were going through me but at the same time it was a beautiful feeling. It said that God has seen that I’ve been worried about Dayo being a Muslim, but that I shouldn’t worry about it because in the Lord’s own time, He will bring Dayo to Christ and that the Lord has called for us to be together as husband and wife.I was shocked, afraid, amazed and glad all at the same time.Her story is indeed interesting and we knew we had to share.Lola and her beau Dayo Busari are now married and we to bring you their wedding feature soon. We implore you to keep reading to find out more about Lola’s interesting journey towards the institution of matrimony.

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Furthermore, for each of these ex boyfriends, God revealed things to me about them that were warning signs, confirming that He did not want me to be with them.