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The original plan had been for production to resume in December, and they wish they had done that now.“Tom isn’t back to his best yet and they don’t want to rush filming until then, so nothing else will be done until next year.

Although it was probably the clip of boyfriend and Extra Camp host JOE SWASH scoffing crocodile penis that most turned her stomach.

But I got disappointed on hearing about ur illness. At the very end, she went to say something and they cut the clip.

me living with that hope :) redredwine Sep 11, 2010 hi I liked you in your movie with Sheetal Sheth I would like to meet you to know if you are also beautiful in the truth lol when you will be in Paris bets made I signs.

Her disrespect to fellow artists has infuriated key figures in the industry including members of the Grammys jury, which could ruin her chances at the 2018 awards in January.

An industry insider revealed: “A lot of people on the voting committee are not liking Reputation at all.

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But Tom returned to work just seven weeks later – and now bosses have again pushed back filming, into the new year, as his ankle is not fully healed.

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