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Golf camp ca adult

He's also a contributing senior instructor and editorial contributor for some of the industry's top publications.

Glenn works with you, your body structure and your natural motion to find the best way for you to improve your individual golf game.

Two-thirds of your golf game is played from 75 yards and in, so this school is all about the short game.

Improve your putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play to help lower your scores. This two-day school is designed to benefit every aspect of your golf game, including sound fundamentals for your full swing, short game, course management and mental skills.

We focus on you and your body to ensure you're getting maximum distance with control in your golf game.

Glenn Deck will personally evaluate your flexibility and stability and create a specific exercise program for your golfing needs, a pre-game preparation routine, along with golf drills that are used to specifically enhance your stability and flexibility.

Learn how to turn three shots into two shots and lower your golf scores.

Additionally, Tim has been very fortunate to have success with numerous junior golfers on a national level.

A firm believer that students should not seek to learn a perfect golf swing, Tim encourages students to search for a golf game that allows them to control the golf ball as consistently and efficiently as possible.

A two-hour evaluation focuses on you, your body and your golf swing.

Golf Magazine “Top 100 Teacher in America” Glenn Deck conducts a full analysis of your neurokinetic power angles, how your body moves best, your golfing skills and your ideal swing.

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Using the most advanced 3D equipment in a wireless outdoor environment, this two-hour evaluation focuses on your swing and how your body moves.