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Handle intimidating people

There are, though, differing opinions on the morals of taking another life.

It’s not necessarily an anti-gun or pro-gun standpoint; there are people who simply do not feel they can take another life even in defense of their own life.

The pain caused from the pepper spray is intense and the loss of vision makes attacking nearly impossible.

Pepper spray is also a weapon that rarely requires any kind of permit to carry.

The United States Marine Corps trains their troops to use the batons effectively for a non-lethal crowd control option. Batons come in a wide variety of different sizes and quality. The quickest way to tell if your baton is crap is first by price; an baton at a gun show shouldn’t be trusted to save your life.

Like guns, a baton needs to be tailored to the user.

Pepper spray doesn’t require much training, but it requires a defensive mindset.

The operator must be prepared to use the weapon and keep it accessible.

Most pepper sprays are small canister with a limited range, and most are potent enough to change minds.

Your jurisdiction may require a concealed carry permit to conceal a baton. You should also try to attend a self-defense course to learn how to use the baton.

Batons are simple, though, and a good hit from one will change most minds. Pepper spray Another weapon that police tend to carry is a nonlethal OC agent that is supposed to shut down an attacker’s vision.

A lot of people really don’t realize how hard these things strike and just how easy you can incapacitate an attacker.

The baton is a weapon that has found its way into the duty belts of the vast majority of police officers across the country.

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