Hanna montana dating who

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Hanna montana dating who

The show's success allowed Miley to pursue a music career—she released her first two albums under the name Hannah Montana and even performed dressed as the character.

Miley played regular girl Miley Stewart by day, and popstar Hannah Montana by night.

It's hard to imagine a time before Miley Cyrus wore nipple pasties and gyrated on a foam finger, but the world was once a much simpler, family-friendly Disney Channel place.

A decade ago this very week, Miley began her turn as a TV star on what's now the Disney Channel classic Then: Miley played Miley Ray ...

His last big role was in FOX/Netflix’s 2015 “Parallels.” It was originally slated as a Television show, but the networks decided to release the pilot as a film instead. He is also a “Self Proclaimed Semi-Pro i Phone Photographer. Cereal Killer.” according to his private Instagram.

Like his career, his humor is apparently trapped in 2008.

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