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We were like "Why would they want to be on the cover of another band's album? youtube.com/rockingfunmusic myspace.com/rockingfun music FUN MUSIC The only On -line Rock-n-internet reality series and cyber-space music shop in the World!

Every so often, Douglas changed into some strange clothing and made a funny pose behind a set that was made to look like the cover of Rolling Stone.

Depending on continent and country, one click with a following interval can be either "one" or "zero" and subsequent clicks before the interval are additively counted.

This renders ten consecutive clicks being either "zero" or "nine", respectively.

By the 1980s, much of the system in the US and Western Europe had been converted. The band did a rendition of this song on the old Mike Douglas show. Hook but I understand he was good friends with the band and was there during some recording sessions. To report that a phone call was long distance meant an elevated importance universally accepted because the calling party is paying by the minute to speak to the called party; transact business quickly.Phreaking consisted of techniques to evade the long-distance charges.

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This is one of the funniest song videos ever by Dr. Love this song, and there's a sort of follow-up in the later appropriately-named album "Bankrupt" called "Everybody's Makin' It Big But Me." However, "Makin' It" is from the prospective that that the band has yet to become famous enough to grace the cover of "Rolling Stone."Between December 1972 and April 1979 Dr. I also love when hhe says "Im gonna buy 5 copies for my mother! REALITY SHOW FILMED IN BURLINGTON, WISCONSIN HOP THE CRAZY TRAIN TO REALITY ROCK SHOP!