Housewives sexy email chats

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Housewives sexy email chats

But when my second child was born I began to feel overwhelmed.

I worked part-time because I wanted to maintain my identity outside the home, but it was tough juggling work with two small children and a large house.

Among other findings are signs that ethnic minorities are less happy with their lives than whites.

The young and old are both happier than the middle-aged who struggle with worries over jobs, mortgages and high costs of living.

While her two eldest children did their homework in the kitchen and her youngest slept in his nursery upstairs, Francesca Keane seized the opportunity to steal two minutes of rare 'me' time.

Safely locked inside the bathroom, she rolled up a £20 note, knelt on the floor and snorted a line of cocaine from the toilet seat.

I'd clean the entire house, firing on all cylinders.

In contrast, the report found that house husbands are generally much less happy.

'There were times I went to the school gates while coming down from a high, which is shameful, I know. 'Of course I felt guilty, and I wonder why the hell I couldn't cope the way millions of other mothers seemed to.

'At my worst, early last year, I was snorting £300 worth of cocaine a week.

Their solution was to dream up ways to cut corners and save time and money.

They then swapped these tips in the way we swap celebrity gossip.

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Instantly she felt her energy levels soar, and she returned to the kitchen to check on dinner feeling like a different woman.

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