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Some bosses have no idea why people do not speak up, while the reason they do not is because they are likely to be attacked. "From Groupthink to Teamthink: Toward the Creation of Effective Thought Patterns in Self-Managing Work Teams." Human Relations. Bosses encourage the best performance from groups when they can alert them to the kind of review that is expected. The group then looks at the preliminary recommendation with at least four questions in mind: 1) is the logic correct?(in selecting the preliminary recommendation from among the options); 2) is the judgment correct?

High-quality decisions are not made through intimidation, whether intentional or unintentional. "Groupthink Remodeled: The Importance of Leadership, Time Pressure, and Methodical Decision-Making Procedures." Human Relations.

First, the group's discussions are limited to a few alternative courses of action (often only two), without a survey of the full range of alternatives.

Second, the group does not survey the objectives to be fulfilled and the values implicated by the choice.

Seventh, the members spend little time deliberating about how the chosen policy might be hindered by bureaucratic inertia or sabotaged by political opponents; consequently, they fail to work out contingency plans. Negative, stereotypical views of opponents are created and used. This lack of dissent results in what Janis calls an "illusion of unanimity." If any difference does occur, group pressure is applied to bring the dissident into line.

Three general problems seem to be at work: overestimation of group power and morality, closed mindedness, and pressures toward uniformity. Linked to this attitude of perfection is a correlative close mindedness. Janis also mentions "the emergence of self-appointed mindguards—members who protect the group from adverse information that might shatter their shared complacency." If these precipitating problems support tendencies to groupthink, there are predisposing conditions as well.

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(the logic may be fine, but the judgment may be poor); 3) are there any problems or errors remaining in the preliminary recommendation?

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