Identifying dating bottles

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Identifying dating bottles

However this could well be a lighting issue and the tax strip hides most of it on the picture anyway.What’s sure is that this goes to show how important it is to ask for detailed pictures whenever a bottle looks a bit suspicious after you’ve compared it with pictures of authentic bottles that you can find on various websites (collectors, retailers, auction houses etc.) Anyway, only the buyer of the bottle could now tell us if he got a bottle bearing a golden/bronze cap or a dark green/black one – in that case it may well be a refill or a ‘simpler’ Ardbeg on which somebody stuck a genuine label. Yes, amazingly the stains on both labels are exactly the same.Which means that this item on the right, that bears a black capsule (wrinkled, at that, but that may happen), is either a relabeled 'cheaper' version, or a refill on which someone has put back a capsule that was not the original one. : A FRIEND JUST REPORTED THAT HE OWNED TWO GENUINE BOTTLES OF THIS BEARING BLACK CAPSULES.

In truth, we’re still to get any such comments regarding the bottles we’ve posted about, except for the recent Ardbeg 1990 (please read below). we've checked roughly 20 different bottles of this 1990, both for Japan and Europe, and all had golden/bronze capsules like the one on the left.Unless the bottler did that himslef thirty years ago, that is, which is quite unlikely. ;-)e just cannot state that these four marvellous old Macallans are fakes, because the pictures are much too small.This case left us speechless; imagine somebody would have done that on minis that are worth, say EUR 10! Sure, they are a little suspicious (high levels, ‘too good to be true’, brand new seller, bidders’ ID kept fully private etc) but who knows, maybe it was a true bargain!This has probably been made using just a simple PC printer.It is to be noted that the seller added a strange comment to the item's e Bay page, that just proves that he's selling fakes knowingly. ...'THIS BOTTLES AUTHENTICITY IS IN QUESTION - PLEASE BID AT YOUR OWN RISK - THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS - THIS IS A FINAL SALE.

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Anyway, it's best to always have a close look at any stains, and to check whether they have been printed or not. However, it’s always very interesting to have a closer look at a sale’s history... Usually, bidders who really want to win an auction will go above a psychological price point, and not right below it.