Intimidatingly handsome

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Intimidatingly handsome

Pulling down Paul’s briefs, Dustin unleashes Paul’s rock-hard cock and deepthroats the entire shaft.Junior agent Dustin Holloway gets called up the stairs to his boss’ office.Dustin unzips Alex’s jeans, liberating his massive, throbbing boner.

One encounter together turns into dick sucking, ass fucking and cum bursting fun.

Dustin pounds Carter’s gorgeous ass just how he likes it, nice and hard. The smile on his face every time Marko plunged his dick up his ass was a telling sign. He pointed out that he had been living in the US Midwest had has shot a few scenes with a major gay porn studio State-side, but had recently moved to Toronto, facilitated by his dual citizenship.

In this scene, Dustin Holloway and Marko Lebeau get it on. You wonder when a guy says he’s straight and then get fucked like there is no tomorrow… We figured this hot dude was a prime candidate to bring in to shoot, so we met up with him in Toronto last month and lined him up for a couple of scenes in early May.

Dustin Holloway, hungry for some meat, is eager to return with Skyy to his tent.

It may not be the game he was hunting for, but Skyy’s cock will satisfy him nonetheless.

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Their feet touch at the bottom of the spa, and their cocks swell in their wet briefs.