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Jaket three second online dating

Several remarks by Kessler suggest that his mother detested Cole's job, often telling her friends that Cole was a school teacher rather than a bike messenger.Kessler also said that Cole's father approved of his relationship with Trish Dailey, commenting that she was like "the daughter he never had".Only Zeke knew the full story of the accident, while Cole only told Trish a fragment of the supposed story after he met her, to make it seem like it wasn't something serious.On the job as a bike messenger, Cole was assigned to deliver a package to someone located in the Historic District of Empire City.With several criminals on the loose, the Empire City Police went missing, either dead or fled in fear.

Originally, he was a simple bike messenger who was delivering a package for someone to somewhere in the Historic District of Empire City.

Using Cole's skills in parkour, and his electrokinesis, Cole retrieved the food.

After an encounter with the Reapers, and reuniting with Trish, the Voice of Survival spoke out again, this time calling out Cole.

Four years back, before his time in Empire City, Cole practiced learning parkour with his best friend Zeke Dunbar in the city of New Marais, while the cops had their hands full.

Cole mentioned during a conversation with Moya that he took part in urban exploration in Empire City, which is the reason why he is able to navigate through the city's sewer system with little trouble.

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Immediately after, the courier receives a call from Kessler to open the package.

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