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The Dubliner said: 'No-one involved with Mrs Brown's Boys has done anything illegal.'Everybody that featured in that show did what they did for completely different reasons.'Paddy and Fiona wanted to regularise their income over a period of time so they could pay tax over a longer period of time.'What's really important is that nothing they did was illegal.'In the case of Fiona, Paddy, and Marty, not one penny of their BBC money went into that fund.

Not one penny of their TV appearances went into that fund, or overseas sales went into that fund.

It has been conducted in a fair and impartial way by our award-winning current affairs programme Panorama and BBC News journalists.'A thorough and fair right of reply procedure was followed.

We're satisfied that we've acted fairly and followed our editorial guidelines.'The Mail's attempts to contact Mr O'Carroll were unsuccessful.

Here is a summary of some the names that have emerged in the leak so far: The Duchy of Lancaster, the private estate of the Queen, was found to have millions of pounds invested in offshore arrangements.

Around £10 million from the Queen's private fund was paid into funds in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda between 20, according to reports.

But I'm sure the viewers know us better, that we are upfront, and always have been.'A BBC spokesman told Mail Online: 'This investigation shows there is a clear public interest in the information being reported.

Apple said its new structure did not reduce tax payments in any country and "ensured that our tax obligation to the United States was not reduced".

World champion racing driver Lewis Hamilton reportedly avoided tax on his £16.5 million private jet after it was imported into the Isle of Man in 2013, according to the BBC.

He told The Irish Sun: 'They scared the life out of her. The reporter didn't learn anything from the conversation or the brutal way he approached her.

Yet they went ahead and showed it.'Fiona was genuinely confused by this guy running up, asking her about her wages.

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He added: 'It seems to be an effort to tarnish the show.

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